Continuous Intelligence: AI Infused Analytics

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Getting to frictionless analytical cycle time for high frequency insights from all data 

The most valuable thing you can do for your organization today is cut the time and myriad of tools needed to get information from vast amounts of data. Getting to a frictionless state and letting AI-driven solutions power high-frequency insights, all the time, will pay real dividends. Enter Continuous Intelligence (CI) Solutions. Continuous Intelligence exists in a frictionless state and enables the business to feed off continuous high-frequency, intuitive insights from all data.

Download this report to learn:

  • how continuous intelligence (CI) is distinct from Business Intelligence (BI)
  • how CI is applied to the business analyst and the data steward
  • how CI is impacting various industries including, healthcare, CPG, and retail

"One company that is leading the way in machine-driven Continuous Intelligence is ClearStory Data. ClearStory's analytics solution reads every data value via machine algorithms, from every dimension in every source, to infer and harmonize what's in the data and then automatically blends and harmonizes sources to deliver continuous insights."

Neil Raden, Analytics Industry Analyst

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