ClearStory Data Business Insights Software

The Era of More Sources, Fast Data Harmonization, and Collaborative Decisions

Harmonization is to create the possibility of combining data from more diverse data sources, both internal and external, into an integrated, consistent, and interactive Data Story, in a way that is of no concern or struggle to the user.

Collaborative decisions is the sharing of pertinent data and insights, in real-time, while keeping context, for fast, data-driven decisions.

It’s here.

Why be bogged down by different analysis solutions for different data types and sources, when a single solution can give you direct access, data blending and data harmonization for all your data, wherever it is?

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About ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data is bringing Data Intelligence to everyone to accelerate the way business leaders get answers across any number of data sources. Its platform simplifies data access to internal and external sources, harmonizes disparate data sets on the fly, enables fast, collaborative exploration, and reduces businesses wait time for insights.
ClearStory Data lets business users be more self-reliant on reaching insights. Its end-to-end solution includes an integrated native Spark-based data processing platform and an incredibly simple user application model for business consumption of insights.

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More Sources of Data.
Data Harmonization and Blending.
Faster Business Insights.

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See how Mars Foods, Getty Images, CarSaver, Procurement Advisors, and other companies are speeding their data prep and data blending and in minutes, updating insights across disparate data sources.